Rendering to Caesar in an epidemic: the limits of authority

By Phil Lawler My friend and colleague Jeff Mirus cautions us that we should not rush into judgment of our Church leaders; we should not leap to a premature conclusion that they are bowing to civil authorities by restricting pastoral ministry during the current epidemic. He is right, of course, and I recognize in myself a […]

Bishop Fulton Sheen – Profits of Communist Capitalism and Atheism

1955 Popular series “Life is Worth Living” Live episode ‘The Russian People’ Presenting some of Bishop Sheen’s personally philosophical and prophetic accounts with some great 19th Century writers like Dostoevsky and GK Chesterton. Some of Dostoevsky’s ‘prophecies’ are profoundly revealed in today’s enslaved ‘free world’

St Faustina warns the greatest threat against Christianity

00:00praise be Jesus Christ sometimes it00:01seems like Christianity is being00:03attacked from all of sites I have00:06friends who have very good jobs but00:09they’re thinking about quitting their00:10jobs because in their workplace they’re00:13constantly being pressured to accept00:16ideologies that directly contradict00:19Catholic morality and also students you00:23know and you can go on with the examples00:25of ways that our Western […]

If COVID-19 Vaccine is made with Baby Stem Cells

If the COVID-19 Vaccine Is Made With Aborted Baby Stem Cells, Will You Get Vaccinated? Here’s the MIT article Patrick talks about: The researchers showed that their new dye, which consists of nanocrystals called quantum dots, can remain for at least five years under the skin, where it emits near-infrared light that can be […]

Prominent clergy, laity issue statement exposing coronavirus plot for ‘world govt’

UPDATE (May 8, 9:00AM EST): Archbishop Viganò, who gathered the signatures and communicated with Cardinal Sarah about the initiative, has now issued a timeline of his communications with Sarah. New story coming imminently. UPDATE (May 7, 8:00PM EST): This story originally indicated, based on information from the organizers, that Cardinal Robert Sarah, prefect of the […]