Nearly dead ‘miracle man’ wakes up after children have breathing tubes removed

In December the Nebraska man suffered what doctors thought was a major stroke that left swelling in his brain. “We thought that this wasn’t a recoverable process,” said Dr. Rebecca Runge of Methodist Hospital. His children were told to say their goodbyes. But after taking him off the ventilator something unexpected happened.

Is There a Catholic View on the Border Wall?

#Catholic teaching says that we must balance between the duty of a nation to welcome #immigrants, and the duty of immigrants to obey a nation’s laws. Msgr. Charles Pope What’s in a wall? A lot of meaning to be sure, as the raging debate in the U.S. shows. I’ve been asked if there is a […]

The Xennial-Millennial Modern Traditionalist

The Modern Traditionalist loves ancient beauty and eternal truth, but does not shy away from new things. Susanna Spencer When I tried to fit myself into a few of the caricatures of the Catholic Tribes in American put together by Michael Warren Davis and Damian Thompson I somehow fell flat in the middle of nowhere. […]

From Latin to Vietnamese: Liturgical group’s Bible translations let people live out their faith

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam — After the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) allowed local churches to celebrate liturgical services in their own languages, some Vietnamese priests and religious were eager to translate the Bible into Vietnamese versions that are suitable for their traditional culture. Six priests voluntarily started to render the Latin Liturgy of the […]